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// Copyright (c) 1997 Philip A. Hardin (pahardin@cs.utexas.edu)
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 or later.

#ifndef XPANEL3D_h
#define XPANEL3D_h

#include "general.h"
#include "gfxtarget.h"
#include "bsppanel3d.h"

// the minimum viewable distance; objects any closer are clipped
#define MINDIST 1
#define MAXPTNUMS 100

struct xpanel3d : bspPanel3d {
  int colorNum;         // Index into a table of X Colors (ulongs)
  int xShapeType;       // type of polygon; equal to one of the
                        // X Windows constants Convex, Nonconvex, or
                        // Complex
      xpanel3d() {};
        xpanel3d(int* &nums,pt3d pts[]);
      xpanel3d(const Polygon3f&, fastPts&, const xpanel3d&);
      xpanel3d(const region2d& rgn, fastPts& fp,
             const pt3d& offset=pt3d(0,0,0), const ang3d& ang=ang3d(0),
             const pt3d& scale =pt3d(1,1,1), int color=0, bool ds=false)
        : bspPanel3d(rgn,fp,offset,ang,scale,ds)
          {colorNum= color;
           xShapeType= IsConvex()? Convex : Nonconvex;}
      xpanel3d(const xpanel3d& p, pt3d panelPts[], fastPts& fp,
             const pt3d& offset=pt3d(0,0,0), const ang3d& ang=ang3d(0),
             const pt3d& scale =pt3d(1,1,1))
        : bspPanel3d(p,panelPts,fp,offset,ang,scale)
          {colorNum= p.colorNum;
           xShapeType= IsConvex()? Convex : Nonconvex;}

  void      Init(int*&,pt3d[]);

  void      Draw(const pt3d viewPts[], const pt2d& clip, const pt2d prjPts[],
           const ulong colors[], const gfxTarget& gt);
  void      DrawFast(const XPoint xprjPts[], const ulong colors[],
             const gfxTarget& gt);

inline void xpanel3d::Init(int *&srcPtNums, pt3d pts[])
{ bspPanel3d::Init(srcPtNums,pts);
  colorNum= *srcPtNums++;
  xShapeType= IsConvex()? Convex : Nonconvex;

inline xpanel3d::xpanel3d(int* &nums,pt3d pts[]) {Init(nums,pts);}

inline xpanel3d::xpanel3d(const Polygon3f& poly, fastPts& pts,
             const xpanel3d& panel) : bspPanel3d(poly,pts,panel)
{ colorNum= panel.colorNum;
  xShapeType= IsConvex()? Convex : Nonconvex;

// Draws xpanel without clipping it to the near viewing plane or to the
// edges of drawable
inline void xpanel3d::DrawFast(const XPoint xprjPts[], const ulong colors[],
                         const gfxTarget& gt) {
  static XPoint xpts[MAXPTNUMS];
  // 4-sided polygons are so common that we handle them as a special case
  // for greater speed.  Note that a 4-sided poly has _5_ ptNums, since the
  // last ptNum is redundant!
  if (ptNums.Num()==5) {
    xpts[0].x= xprjPts[ptNums[0]].x;
    xpts[0].y= xprjPts[ptNums[0]].y;
    xpts[1].x= xprjPts[ptNums[1]].x;
    xpts[1].y= xprjPts[ptNums[1]].y;
    xpts[2].x= xprjPts[ptNums[2]].x;
    xpts[2].y= xprjPts[ptNums[2]].y;
    xpts[3].x= xprjPts[ptNums[3]].x;
    xpts[3].y= xprjPts[ptNums[3]].y;

  int *ptNum= ptNums.Array();
  int *ptNumsEnd= ptNum +ptNums.Num();
  XPoint *xpt= xpts;
  while (ptNum != ptNumsEnd) {
    xpt->x= xprjPts[*ptNum].x;
    xpt->y= xprjPts[*ptNum].y;


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