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// Copyright (c) 1997 Philip A. Hardin (pahardin@cs.utexas.edu)
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 or later.

#include <iostream.h>
#include "gfxtarget.h"

// In:  dispName = name of X display to open
// Out:     disp, screenNo, & rootWin member fields set if display was opened
//    successfully
// Returns true if display was opened successfully, false otherwise
bool gfxTarget::OpenDisplay(char *dispName) {
  disp= XOpenDisplay(dispName);
  if (disp==NULL) {
    cerr << "cannot connect to X server " << XDisplayName(dispName) << endl;
    return false;
  screenNo= DefaultScreen(disp);
  rootWin= RootWindow(disp, screenNo);
  return true;

void gfxTarget::ConnectToWM(char *argv[], int argc, char *progName,
                      short x, short y, short width, short height)
{ XSizeHints      size_hints;
  XWMHints  wm_hints;
  XClassHint      class_hints;
  XTextProperty   winNameProp,
  char            *winName= progName,
            *iconName=   progName;
  size_hints.flags= PPosition|PSize|PMinSize;
  size_hints.min_width= width;
  size_hints.min_height= height;

  if (XStringListToTextProperty(&winName,1,&winNameProp)==0) {
    cerr << progName << ": structure allocation for windowName failed\n";
  if (XStringListToTextProperty(&iconName,1,&iconNameProp)==0) {
    cerr << progName << ": structure allocation for iconName failed\n";
  wm_hints.initial_state= NormalState;
  wm_hints.input= True;
  // wm_hints.icon_pixmap= icon_pixmap;
  wm_hints.flags= StateHint | InputHint; // |IconPixmapHint
  class_hints.res_name= progName;
  class_hints.res_class= progName;

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